About Yushan

Guangzhou Yushan Food Catering Management Co., Ltd was found in 2009, and its headquarters is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong. As its specialized food service to government departments, institutions, schools, hospitals, industrial parks and large activities, Yushan has developed into a large-scale professional food catering chain enterprise which includes food research and development, row material processing, food production and food distribution. Yushan always adheres to its sublime idea that food industry is an industry about conscience. At present, based on the Pearl River economic circle, facing the whole country, Yushan has become a well-known enterprise in food industry; at the same time, it has set up more than 30 branches (about 1000 employees) in Peking, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha, Wuhan, Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhaoqing, Huizhou, Zhuhai, etc.

Yushan always adheres to the service concept that “Solidarity, progress, pragmatic and innovation; preciseness, honest, diligence and profession”, and it has already established a set of professional canteen management system, cultivated a team specialized in catering industry, and formed a unique business model which is in accordance with current development trend of catering industry.

As always being diligently, Yushan has got its present development and has built long-term stable cooperation with a number of enterprises. In order to offer better service to customers and to stand firmly in food catering industry, Yushan always sticks to “Service first, customer first”, constantly exploring the ways to improve the quality of our food-catering-service, completing the rules and regulations, and promoting product competitiveness.

In our business, we always start from the perspective of customers, believing that “the satisfaction of customers is the most important thing”. Yushan devotes itself to supply first-class catering service to customers, in other words, Yushan would win customers’ trust by its own reputation in practice.

It’s Yushan—to win the reputation all over the world, to cook the food that you like. Yushan will serve sincerely for you every day!

Yushan is born for healthy food and healthy life!

Our Advantages

A. We have proprietary large-scale farm, which means that our procurement costs are much lower than that of other competitors in food catering industry. At the same time, the food safety can be ensured, and the quality of meat can be improved.

B. Our management process is transparent, informationized, intellectualized and modernized. We stick to the concept of “low-carbon, environment-friendly”; we screen the food raw material strictly; we research the taste and varieties of dishes studiously; we track and control the logistics distribution strictly. Yushan, is providing fresh, delicious, nutritional, fashionable and high-quality food catering service to those institutions in a safe, transparent, convenient and personalized way.

C. The distinguished nutritionists in Yushan will match the dishes and adjust the dietary structure according to different customers’ needs. It is known that Yushan is very specialized in various branches in Chinese cuisine, such as Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Shanghai cuisine. On the basis of traditional production technology, the chefs in Yushan are constantly innovating and improving the dishes, emphasizing the color, flavor andtaste of dishes, achieving the purpose of safe, health, convenience and quickness of dishes.

D. Yushan has already built the cooperation relationship with several culinary arts and chef training schools, in this case, chefs in our company would be sent to training school at regular intervals, while these schools would convey the excellent cooking talents to Yushan. All of these are ensuring our company would be staffed by a team of professional chefs at any time.

Corporation Vision

We are determined to become the most successful food catering company in Pearl River Delta and even in the whole China. We all adhere to the goal of being the global leader in food catering industry!


Corporate values of Yushan

–United in A Concerted Effort, Go Ahead Hand in Hand.

–Customer’s Satisfaction First, Customer Service First; Meet Customer’s Needs, Consider Customer’s Concern. Listening to customer, serving with sincere smile, and ensuring 100% of customer’s satisfaction!

–People-oriented, United as One. As staff is the biggest wealth of an enterprise, Yushan always pays attention to employees, providing excellent benefits, cultivating the talents in our company, and building an invincible team.

Employees’ values

–Integrity. Seeking truth from facts and sticking to truth; being pragmatic, fair and impartial.

–Simpleness. Being simple as an employee; being simple in interpersonal relationship; simplifying the complex works; treating simple works in a rigorous approach.

–Responsibility. Devoting into job, being responsible to company and workmates, managing the relationship of work and family in a proper way.

–Mutuality. Always putting oneself in the other’s shoes; always guiding, caring and supporting each other in work; making every detail in a perfect way with concerted effort.

–Trust. Trusting each other; believing that the team is working for the same target; and feeling happy to workmates’ success.

–Progress. Study diligently; do not fear to challenges; being a man with great goal and positive attitude.

Honor & Qualification

The business license


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Tax registration


The test report

In May, 2009, Yushan was found.
In March, 2010, Yushan Food Catering Company was found.
In August, 2010, Yushan became the designated supplier to Foshan Division of the Asian Games.
In April, 2012, under the guidance and help of Pollution-free Agricultural Products Quality Supervision and Monitoring Station and Guangzhou’s Center for Disease Control, “Yushan Fresh Food Detection Room” was found.
In July, 2012, Foshan Branch was found.