Food Catering Management

In order to meet customers’ needs, Yushan is dedicated to providing professional and nutrition-balanced food service to them. Our clients including: government departments, institutions, enterprises, schools, hospitals, industrial parks, and large activities, etc.

As high-quality food-and-beverage-service is the core of Yushan’s business, we always start from our customers’ needs, and even put customers’ satisfaction to the first place. To provide nutrition-balanced and delicious food to student in school, to supply superior food catering service to the staff in enterprises and institutions, or to offer energy-rich to workers in factories, customers always occupy the central position of our business.

Material Distribution

As the professional food raw material distribution corporation, Yushan is devoted to provide specialized, high-class, humanized material distribution service to our customers.

Our company has the advanced hardware facilities, complete network management system and experienced and well-trained personnel to serve you!

“Meet Customer’s Needs, Consider Customer’s Concern.” is our service concept. We are determined to be loyal and honest to our customers’ needs, being concerned about customer’s food cost, taking good care of customers’ health and expressing our gratitude to them with our actions. Yushan, will develop in line with you!

Logistics Management

Excutive Dining
When it is festival or red-letter day, we can help the enterprises do the banquet planning or undertake important feast which includes Chinese or Western food, buffet, cocktail party and gourmet festival. We own a professional team to tailor considerate catering service for you including the on-site layout and the preparation for the beverage. YuShan has undertaken various feasts of different size, range from” one-thousand-people feast” to buffet and tea breaks.

Kitchen counseling
A professional company will deliver the food culture through the decoration of the canteen more than just providing a workday meal to increase the comfort for the employees. To make the canteen much brighter, tidier and more comfortable, Yushan offers kitchen design counseling service for the customers.

Retail & Store
YuShan has self-own brand retail stores — YuPing supermarket. During the process of building our own brand, we focus more on the quality of the products and the quality of our service. We have a well-trained service team to make sure that our customers enjoy the convenience and our service is haunting around our customers at the same time.

Cleaning service
YuShan Service cleaning concept combines several individual services and adapts them to meet your needs. It can include everything from architectural advice in the planning phase to effective measures for minimizing expenditure and individually adjusted methodology. We start by determining the appropriate level of cleanliness; if levels are set too high, additional costs result; if they are too low, it can result in a reduction of real estate value.

Through consistent orientation on quality, individuality and conservation of real estate value, YuShan Service cleaning concepts effect long term cost-efficiency for each and every client.

Security Service
YuShan Service offers a whole range of security services which can be cross-linked to create an integrated, individual security solution, tailor-made to each client’s needs. Through the combination of individual services, synergy effects are achieved which result in cost efficiency.

YuShan Service Security Service Systems include
• Analysis of problem areas and security needs
• Advice and concepts for reducing risk
• Measures for effective damage prevention
• Use of modern security technology

Cooperation Model

a. Kitchen, kitchen ware, and the dormitory for staff of kitchen are provided by your esteemed company; the charges for water, electricity and fuel are settled according to specific situation.

b. Yushan would pay for your company’s meal for a month and expect to be repaid in the 5th day of next month.

c. Yushan is responsible for the salary and the benefits of all personnel of dining room.

d. On the premise of guaranteeing the basic meal, Yushan will provides other kinds of food, such as Lanzhou ramen noodle, Guilin rice noodle, dumplings, frying pan, etc.

e. In order to ensure the diversification of dishes’ taste, we would rotate the chefs at regular intervals and cook the meal according to the characteristics of Sichuan, Hunan, and Cantonese flavor.

f. Yushan would collect the advices or suggestions, and improve our management mode accordingly. At the same time, we promise to introduce new varieties of food to our customers monthly.

g. The staff in your esteemed company could choose the dishes in their favor. The reasonable price would be given, and the meal card or IC card would be used in repast.

h. If in need, Yushan could assist you to build the kitchen, including planning, designing, kitchen equipment purchasing.

Development plan

a. To form the national network of food catering service based Guangzhou, and to build our own brand.

b. To explore the development direction of food catering management, aspiring to be the international first-class food catering enterprise.

c. Attracting the strategic investors, speeding up the capital operation, to achieve the rapid development of Yushan.

The Source of Profit

a. Based on chain management and advantages of home-farm, we unify the procurement and distribution of food material. In this case, our procurement costs are much lower.

b. Enhancing the management level, improving the collocation of dishes, cooking the dishes in a scientific way, all of these are helping us to put an end to waste.

c. The ongoing of technology development and the research on new dishes would spark new gustatory sensations constantly, which stabilized our source of customers.
d. Standardizing the usage of various equipments, reducing the mainten
ance costs and using water, electricity and fuel in a reasonable way.